AeromixTM Aerosol Technology

Aeromix is a newly innovative technology that is in pursuit of quality, aesthetic values with performance features in aerosol paint.

The revolutionary new lines of Aeromix products have raised the quality for technically and aesthetic excellence. Highest quality with competive price structure enable filling into market progessively.

Advance and innovated machinery, strict adherence to internationally adopted quality standards; together with motivated and serious working attitude employees; pushed us to the level of supreme quality in the aerosol industry.

Aeromix maximised with added quality at every level of distribution.


Technology Innovations

All Weather
It will works under all conditions in either indoor or outdoor.
Superior Coverage
Highest covering.
Achieve with selected quality materials and advance excellent formulation.
Assorted Colors
Colors extends to every sphere of life.
Good Chemical Resistant
Good chemical resistant makes your color last longer.