About Us

Aeromix are aerosol paint and paint manufacturer with fastest growing reputable performance in within the passed 5 years. We owned 2 factories comprises propellant, liquid storage tank, paint resin production facililies, advance R&D labrotory centre and warehouse.

Finest raw materials selection, International Quality Control, assure all of our productsw are in higest quality with competitive reasonable price stucture for all levels.

Our Products

* Aeromix Series Aerosol Spray Paint
* LubeMaster Series Aesosol Spray
* Aeromix Series Aerosol Spray Adhensive
* Dynamic Solvent Base Paint

Our Technology

Aeromix is a newly innovative technology that is in pursuit of quality, aesthetic values with performance features in aerosol paint.

The revolutionary new lines of Aeromix products have raised the quality for technically and aesthetic excellence. Highest quality with competive price...

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